• We live in an era of change. Not simple, predictable change, but Black Swan events – undirected, unpredicted and unpredictable, but with extreme impact.

    Climate change, pandemics and technological disruptions are changing the way we live. Meanwhile, the fast pace of urbanisation in Asia, especially coastal China, is creating new impacts on people’s quality of life in high-rise, high-density cities – social inequalities and lack of access to housing and other basic services are affecting the growth and prosperity of cities.

  • These events make us feel vulnerable and uncertain. Behave helps limit our clients’ exposure to their impacts by gaining insights through research and partnerships with experts.

    Behave seeks to explore, understand and design a more resilient future by putting people at the centre of everything we do. We help our clients navigate unknowns and help them face disruptive environments. We work with our clients to enhance the value of their projects by showing them opportunities they may not have noticed. And we deliver solutions that are tailored to the unique circumstances of each project.