Behave’s approach is anchored in open-mindedness and inclusiveness. We navigate each challenge through open dialogue and our four-step process:

  • Explore
  • Convene
  • Co-create
  • Secure Impact
  1. 1


    First, we start with exploratory conversations that accept clients, partners and co-workers as an inclusive community. We work together to agree on a common understanding of the issues and their potential future consequences.

  2. 2


    Second, we promote the “cross-fertilisation” of ideas from diverse but connected concepts, disciplines and industries. This process creates partnerships that:

    • Challenge the assumptions that lie underneath current norms and certainties
    • Identify what we do not know
    • Discover new knowledge and insights
    • Generate new ideas
  3. 3


    Third, we believe in the importance of the user experience. We are dedicated to exploring behaviour-driven ideas with our partners. Through joint research and exploration, we test our hypotheses and determine prototype solutions that will achieve the best experiences and functionality.

  4. 4


    Lastly, once we have verified and agreed on the strategies and prototypes, we establish spin-offs to work with industry partners who can engineer and manufacture our concepts and bring them to market to create lasting positive impacts.